Debugging process

The library is compatible with almost any theme which supports the Gutenberg editor, but we cannot guarantee that our plugin will work with every configuration. Follow the next debugging steps to find a possible cause of plugin malfunction:

  1. Remember what change you made on WordPress before to notice the malfunctions. Maybe your WordPress or a plugin had an update which had troubles, etc.

  2. Open your website for editing in a  private/incognito mode. Check if it’s any difference. This way you ensure the browser cache doesn’t make problems.

  3. Go to WP Admin > Plugins and disable for the moment all the third-party plugins and check again the functionality in a private/incognito browser tab. This way you can find if a plugin creates a conflict.

  4. If the problem remains, go to WP Admin > Appearance > Themes and activate a default WordPress theme. If the plugin works properly, it means there is a conflict with the theme.

Open a ticket if you have questions
not covered in the documentation

If you don’t find an answer in the plugin documentation or need our help,
feel free to contact us opening a ticket. The premium users will receive
an answer in less than 24 hours on a business day.

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