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After selling my previous WordPress theme development business in 2018, I decided to start something new. Something challenging and exciting. I have a passion for design and new technologies. Gutenberg and ReactJS is a combination of both.

Quick market research revealed that flood of custom blocks for Gutenberg is coming. Every third-party blocks plugin will lock users, polluting their websites with extra unnecessary js calls and custom code. We saw it in the early days with multi-purpose themes. It’s ugly.

On the other hand, Gutenberg layout tools are confusing. It takes lots of time to create a nice looking modern page using default blocks only. It’s hard but possible. 💡 There is a need for a tool to simplify that process. A solution that can save your time and hairs on your head by delivering ready to use page section designs created with default Gutenberg blocks.

Our product helps you to create beautiful pages faster using default blocks for better performance and compatibility.

You get a custom website based on vanilla Gutenberg blocks. Without locking to third-party block plugins. Without extra JS calls and custom code. Keep it clean and fast loading. Knowing that a website is fully compatible with any theme or plugin.

My product target is to have 1000 designs in the library by the end of 2019, releasing new designs every week or so. I also have a clear roadmap for the upcoming features like pre-designed styles and better admin controls.

My business target is to generate $70K by the end of the year. I just sold my previous WordPress business and know this is possible. Follow my journey: subscribe to the private email list where I share my wind and fails.

🇨🇦 Nova Scotia

Waldemar Mitkowski

Graphic designer
Web designer
Front-end developer
Top-selling theme developer


I live in a small house close to the ocean with my wife and two kids.
Homeschooling, homesteading, believing.

For many years I was working as a web and graphic designer for agencies in 💂 the UK and 🗽 US. Then I started my own WordPress theme and plugin development business (sold in 2018). Now I’m working on this design library plugin – designing, coding and growing it from scratch.

I like validating my ideas through 💵 business success. WP Design Hub is an idea that I will turn into a self-sustainable business. I’m not only code and design. I create and document all the processes to organically grow this business and replace myself with new people once it’s stable and complete.

Remote team

Brian Favreau

customers & partners

Brian’s role is to focus on our customer satisfaction and new partners development. Talking to people – his thing.

Now Hiring

web designer

Looking for a web designer to work on new section designs. Email me your cover letter, rate, and link to the portfolio.

Now Hiring

front-end developer

Looking for ReactJS developer to work on new plugin features. Email me your cover letter, rate, and link to past projects.